🚨Avoid Online Testing Scams

Beware of these known online testing scams. It's not only the money you might lose, but you also risk getting banned from the testing organizations.

🤡Other Chinese cheating brokers

Unlike us, other Chinese cheating brokers perform poorly on exams or simply fail to deliver what they promise.

🤡"Domyexams" and its derivatives

They use domain names like "domyexams" or "takemygre," etc., to manipulate search engines and appear at the top of Google search results, but they are also scams.

🤡Discord guy

The Discord group operator attempts to use commercial software to bypass proctoring software. Despite knowing that his software cannot bypass the exams, he continues to charge people for it and refuses to provide any refunds. 💀


These are low-effort copies of our website made without permission. They are scams with only one goal: to take your money away from you.


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