"Examinator.cc is a scam!"😤

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by Daisy · Updated Jan 11, 2024

A malicious actor has been consistently leaving fake reviews about our website, examinator.cc, on various review sites. Instead of attempting to have these reviews removed, I am opting to address the accusations head-on.




scamadviser.png Several preliminary observations can be made:

Firstly, these reviews are from the same individual. They were posted around January 8 or 9, depending on the time zone, suggesting a single source. This is further corroborated by "Jacky" and "GRE_Candidate", who inadvertently revealed that their locations are the same, i.e., the United Kingdom.

Secondly, the accusations lack any evidence. All reviews follow a similar narrative with slight variations in wording, such as “They take my money and disappear.” I hereby challenge the reviewer to provide concrete evidence, such as chat screenshots, details of the alleged theft, or fund trace evidence (especially since blockchain is a public ledger).


One review absurdly claimed that we took money directly from their online bank accounts. This is implausible, as we routinely advise our customers to use brand-new laptops for their exams.


Third, the source of these reviews appears to be a competitor playing dirty. For example, "GRE_Candidate" explicitly recommended “safe-test” as a more professional and trustworthy service. Nice try, but that kind of obvious promotion is a bit too revealing, don't you think?

Fourth, all reviewer accounts are newly created, each with only one review. This undermines the credibility of the reviews and suggests a deliberate attempt to deceive rather than genuine customer feedback.

Customers come forward to vouch for us

Upon learning about the fake review attacks, several of our current and past customers have come forward to vouch for us. I invite you to judge for yourself the authenticity of the reviews below.

If you know of a neutral, third-party platform where customers can leave their vouches, please feel free to let me know.





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