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by Daisy · Updated Jan 14, 2022


New year, new website.

We are going about building a separate site in English.

Why? It’s backed by popular demand.

Do you have an English site?

y u no engrish

Scrap that. The demand has always been there. For years we have served clients around the world in all nationalities and cultures ( see here🇺🇸 and here🇰🇷). Shout out to these amazing people who clicked "Translate this page" and decided to put their trust in us. But we have long resisted going that obvious route of operating an English site to avoid the international attention we have already got without having one.

Why now? We have assessed the current risks and conclude that an English site won't hurt. Also, if we don't, "someone else will build an English site for us". Time is ripe for expansion.

Building an English version of this website is not a simple exercise in translation. Otherwise, letting Chrome “Translate This Page” will do the magic!

It's a lot of work. To tailor to the prevailing taste of international markets: copy needs to be tweaked and rewritten; past cases with international clients need to be translated and curated; even the business risks with operating in this higher-profile manner need to be mitigated - all of these are to be done without compromising the main Examinator brand.

In the meantime, make do with this Chinese site.


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