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Unfazed by Shortened GRE: Our GRE Proxy Exam Remote Tech Remains Robust💻✨Shorter Doesn't Mean Easier: There's Less Room for Error!🤔

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by Daisy · Updated Sep 25, 2023

After the shortened GRE went live, life went on as usual!

Here are what changed:

  • Removal of the “Analyze an Argument” task in the Analytical Writing section;
  • Reduced number of questions in the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections;
  • Removal of the unscored section;

Less room for error

The test time got shorter, with fewer questions, which means there's less room for error: getting just one question wrong might cost you 1 to 2 points.

But don't worry, our remote tech is still up and running smoothly!

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