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🇺🇸"Can't stress enough importance of trusting the process." Perfect 340 GRE Score Attained Despite Computer Shutdown Mid-Test, Client Left Review of GRE Cheating Service💪🏻

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by Daisy · Updated Jan 18, 2024

Note: This story was published with the customer's permission, and all personally sensitive information has been changed or removed.

🇺🇸A client in North America hired us to take the GRE General Test at Home for them, aiming for a score above 335. During the test, their computer unexpectedly turned off and lost connection, but they still managed to finish and got a perfect score of 340. 💯

The client was concerned their GRE score might be canceled because ETS and ProctorU closely watch the home tests. However, the official scores came out on time, just over a week after the exam.🌟

GRE cheating perfect score 340

GRE cheating perfect score 340

Confirm GRE score requirements: will high scores be canceled?

“My only concern is in the case that scores get canceled, what would happen then?”

The client believed our GRE proxy testing service was reliable and was very willing to pay a deposit. Their only concern was whether the scores might be canceled, as ETS seemed to be very strict with home exams.

However, there's no need to worry. As long as the equipment and environment comply with the test regulations and everything is done according to our instructions, passing should be easy.

GRE cheating perfect score 340

Prepare the deposit: the client faced crypto restrictions and almost missed the exam

After registering for the GRE, the client encountered difficulties preparing the funds. After depositing money into Coinbase, they were unexpectedly restricted from withdrawing for "two months" 😨. However, college application deadlines wait for no one, and the client had to urgently register on another trading platform to send the deposit on time.

Different crypto exchanges have various regulations and restrictions for different regions. For clients needing our GRE cheating or other proxy testing services, it's best to start preparations early to avoid unexpected issues that could delay applications, such as this client who experienced a power outage during the GRE due to a hurricane.

GRE cheating perfect score 340 GRE cheating perfect score 340 GRE cheating perfect score 340 GRE cheating perfect score 340


The client decided to raise target score to 335+, eager to become our next success story

“Can't wait for this to all be over and I can be another positive testimonial on the webpage.”

After completing our pre-test training, the client felt very confident about this GRE proxy test and opted to upgrade to the 335+ score package. They were excited to soon be another success story featured on our website. 💪🏻

GRE cheating perfect score 340 GRE cheating perfect score 340

Pre-test prep: equipment set-up

Our technical team remotely configured the client's computer to install traceless remote access software and set up the ETS Browser for the exam in advance.

GRE cheating perfect score 340 GRE cheating perfect score 340


During the Exam: The computer blacked out and disconnected mid-exam. Is the test ruined?

“Just went blank! Am I screwed??”

During the exam, the client's computer suddenly blacked out and shut down for unknown reasons, causing the connection with ProctorU to break. The client was extremely anxious—was the exam ruined? 😨

There's no need to panic. A brief disconnection doesn't affect your eligibility to continue the exam. Just restart your computer, log back into ProctorU, and reconnect with the proctor who will help you re-enter the exam. 👩🏻‍💻

After re-entering the exam and completing it, the scores appeared on the screen immediately—our GRE proxy testing expert scored a perfect 340! 🌝

If you experience a disconnection during the online GRE, please follow these steps:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Log into ProctorU and reconnect with the proctor.
  3. The proctor will assist you in re-entering the exam.

GRE cheating perfect score 340


After the Exam: Settle the final payment upon seeing the unofficial scores

GRE cheating perfect score 340 GRE cheating perfect score 340 GRE cheating perfect score 340

GRE Official Scores Released: A perfect 340!

“Hope the 340 doesn't send any red flags!”

After the exam, the client was very worried about whether the scores would be released smoothly.

As usual, the official GRE scores were released on time, 8-10 days after the exam!

The client finally breathes a sigh of relief: "Thanks to the Daisy team for helping me achieve my dream!"

Customer review

🌼 Here's their review of our GRE cheating service:

I cannot stress enough the importance of simply trusting this process. I went through a ton of unnecessary stress for this test and without Daisy's help, I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am today. Daisy has forever changed my life. She is incredibly professional and gives concise guidance at every step along the way. I'm more than happy with my results and it wouldn't have been possible without Daisy.

GRE cheating perfect score 340 examinator daisy customer review GRE cheating perfect score 340 examinator daisy customer review

Score image for GRE Cheating success story #628


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