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📣 Introducing LSAT Club: Free LSAT Prep for All! 🎉

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by Daisy · Updated Sep 5, 2023

lsat club - free 7sage

🔹 We are thrilled to present our latest innovation, LSAT Club! Our goal is simple: to break down barriers and make mainstream LSAT prep material accessible to everyone, absolutely FREE. 📚

🔹 We're excited to announce that we have already taken a major step towards achieving our mission. LSAT Club has made comprehensive explanation videos for every Preptest from 7sage, a leading LSAT prep service, available to you for FREE. 🧠

🔹 Prepare to conquer the LSAT with confidence as you dive into detailed explanations, strategies, and insights that were once locked behind paywalls. 🚀

🔹 Our next exciting step involves introducing the "Drill" feature. This tool will utilize the actual user interface from "Lawhub," allowing you to meticulously track and measure your progress in a realistic testing environment. 📈💡

🔗Check out LSAT Club: https://lsat.club


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