If you do these, I will mute you.🔇

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by Daisy · Updated Aug 3, 2022


Friendly reminder that, if you ask a mindless question the answer to which can be easily found on the website, I will mute you.

I'll assume, possibly wrongly, that you are not a serious customer and I strongly suggest that you take the test yourself.

Having been in the business for over 15 years, we can tell serious customers from time wasters by the first few messages.

I welcome specific questions that show that you mean business but not:

  • “How do I know you are legit?” (What do you expect me to say to this? Does saying "yes, we are legit" ad nauseam help? Be more specific in your questions and we will be happy to provide evidence for "legitness")
  • "I'm skeptical. " (Good for you, take your own test.)
  • "Where are you guys based?" (Literally the first thing we address in the FAQ)
  • “How long have you been doing this?” (Literally the first thing we address in the FAQ)
  • "Let's do a phone call" (So you need to hear our voice to feel us out. Take your own test, seriously)
  • “Let’s do this but can I pay only after the test?” (So you didn't even read the pinned post)
  • "This is expensive. Can we do this for $100?" (We are not in the same universe)
  • "This sentence on your website has a grammatical error" or other nitpicking behaviors ( I apologize for not being perfect. Now I'm blocking you. )
  • *Showing an overall bad attitude* ( *Instablock* )

These questions or excuses disguised as questions are a sure-fire way of getting you to the Mute Land.

We are at a stage in our business where, if you show just a little sign of hesitation or skepticism, or are clearly not a match for us, we will show you the door.

Seriously, taking the test yourself is always the safest bet.


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