Customers, please contact us at this new Telegram account!

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by Daisy · Updated Jun 12, 2022

Customers, we were experimenting with Telegram's API to build a Chatbot and accidentally got our main account suspended.🥲

Our engineers had no idea how easy it was to get banned for using the wrong Python library.

Business as usual! Please contact us at this new account.

We are in contact with Telegram to retrieve our old account.

UPDATE (June 13, 2022)

The old Telegram account is reinstated. But we are still logged out because we no longer have access to the phone number associated with the Telegram account we registered in 2018.🥲

Lesson learned: always make sure your Telegram account's phone number is up to date. 

A bigger lesson may be that it's always risky to rely on a centralized third-party app to act as a Customer relationship management (CRM) system - all those chat logs are de facto client contacts, contract terms, and receipts and invoices. We are looking for alternatives. Does Signal live up to its hype?


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